Comfortably tucked away at Kootanad, in Palakkad district of Kerala, the evergreen state in southern India, Rajah Healthy Acres, an ayurvedic health centre, is a nature lover's delight. Set amidst a majestic and peaceful landscape of hillocks, small valleys, medicinal trees and flora. Perfect locale to calm your mind.

The nearest airports to the center are the Cochin, Calicut and Coimbatore airports. If the guests prefer we can arrange transportation from & to any of these airports or the Shornur, Pattambi, Kuttipuram and Trichur railway stations.

If you wish to travel by road, the route to take from Cochin side is Trichur --->Kunnamkulam. Follow the road from Kunnamkulam to Calicut for about 6 Kilometers and you will reach Perumpilavu. From Perumpilavu take the road to Pattambi. Go on this road up to Kootanad junction which is about 8 kilometers away from Perumpilavu and take the road to the left which is the road leading to Edappal. You will reach the Ayurveda health center after traveling on this road for about two kilometers from Kootanad junction.

If you are travelling from Calicut side take the national highway up to Edappal and take a left turn from Edappal junction. You have to take a right turn from Padinnarangadi junction (about 7 kilometers from Edappal) for the Pattambi road (People tend to go straight from this junction instead of taking the right turn). The Ayurveda health center is about 5 kilometers away from this junction.